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Satirical Portraits By AleXsandro Palombo

Bambi Fendi ChanelAleXsandro Palombo’s blog, Humor Chic, documents the happenings in the fashion world and beyond. Palombo’s take on the fashion news is both bitchy and funny – think Perez Hilton, but without the irritating omnipresence and with added talent and relevance. His shockingly hilarious pop culture illustrations both celebrate and ridicule fashion’s major players; Hedi Slimane is portrayed digging his own grave as he takes over at Saint Laurent, Anna Wintour cosies up to Barack Obama, along with whole host of far more ludicrous scenarios too.Humor Chic Fashion VillainsDonatella Versace, and John Galliano shortly after he drunkenly proclaimed his love for Hitler.Humor Chic CelebritiesCreatives, musicians and celebrities feature heavily, with the occasional politician or member of the monarchy making sporadic appearances as well. It really seems like when it comes to mockery, Palombo is a man after my own heart – he likes to turn his attention to a bit of everything. Below, he has portrayed Kate Middleton as some kind of power-hungry femme fatale who beats her husband and wants to kill the Queen! I think I kind of prefer her to the real Kate Middleton, who is pretty much the definition of passive, well-behaved marriage material. So blaaah.Humor Chic RoyalsHowever, not all of his portraits are derisive or mean – here is quite a sweet drawing of the late Amy Winehouse that he posted the day after her death.Amy Winehouse aleXsandro Palombo

Marilyn Manson For Saint Laurent

Marilyn Manson Saint LaurentMeh, Westwood did it first AND she did it better…Marilyn Manson Vivienne Westwood 2005

Tyler The Creator Directs Mountain Dew Ad

ImageNo, seriously. Tyler, the Creator has directed and starred in an ad for Mountain Dew. It gets weirder, though – he voices a female goat called Felicia…a really violent goat, who gets some kind of hallucinogenic kick out of drinking Mountain Dew.

Kim Kardashian Street Art in Los Angeles

ImageImageHilarious pastings of Kim Kardashian by the LA street artist BumBoy WC.

2012 Highlights

It’s been a pretty big year for Shameless Self-Promotion. I guess you could say that this blog has now served its purpose, because I finally landed myself a paid job in advertising, which I really enjoy! However, I still really like blogging, so I’m not going to stop. Here are the posts that got the most hits this year – and from what I can tell, it would seem that people on the internet are still totally enamoured with cute stuff…

ABSOLUT UniqueAbsolut Unique bottlesThese psychedelic one-of-a-kind bottles by Absolut proved to be a hot topic. Definitely a successful idea from Absolut, which surely generated a lot of hype and a lot of sales.

Cute Advert AlertZingy EDFWhen EDF rolled out the first TV ad starring Zingy, everyone started going batshit crazy, wondering where they could buy some Zingy merchandise. Unfortunately, EDF didn’t bother manufacturing any Zingy toys, which is odd because there was so much demand for it. I’m fairly certain that if they had made some Zingy plush toys that were given to new EDF customers, a lot of people probably would have switched their energy provider. It sounds like a patronising move, but let’s face it, people want this shit.

And Dior Created WomanThe new Dior advert, starring the delightfully Bardot-esque Daphne Groeneveld had fashion fans asking, “Who’s that girl?!”

Tres Bien, Ray-Ban!Ray Ban Never Hide 1965Ray-Ban’s rebellious print ads got the kind of attention that they deserved.

Choupette Lagerfeld in V MagazineChoupette + KarlIt seems apt in the absurd, beautiful world of fashion that one of the newest icons is a cat – namely, Karl Lagerfeld’s feline friend, Choupette. Her shoot in V Magazine with Laetitia Casta caused a fair amount of interest because, on the internet, cute cats pretty much rule supreme.

Kim Kardashian obviously cottoned onto this, briefly becoming the owner of Mercy – a teacup Persian kitten. Sadly, Mercy is no longer around because Kim Kardashian is totally self-obsessed and has no soul she contracted a virus and died…poor little thing. But then, having said that, you know that she really has gone on to ‘a better place’.

Ben Westwood – Spawn: Bound

Exhibition review for Disappear Here, June 2009

 Vivienne Westwood may have reportedly dismissed the concept of her son’s exhibition as “a load of rubbish”, but I didn’t let that deter me from going along to the Bodhi Gallery to check out photographer Ben Westwood’s latest exhibition Spawn:Bound. Oh, and I am a bit of a sucker for the words “champagne reception” too. Unfortunately, lovely though the free drinks may have been, I found the art itself a little underwhelming.

Quite fitting for an exhibition where the crux of the art is that second generation celebrities are almost haunted by their parent’s fame, the highlight of the evening was probably when mummy Westwood showed up. The photography itself was well done, and deliciously vulgar. However the compositions struck me as amateurish, and although they were vaguely amusing, reminded me of the fictional set ups you used to see in Smash Hits. Remember when rumours of Spice Girl spats were depicted by crudely superimposing said band member’s heads onto boxer’s bodies? Yeah, like that. The modern day equivalent is probably Heat magazine’s made up scenarios. How appropriate, as Heat do like to bring the “rockocracy” to public attention.

The concept is an interesting one, and I feel that Westwood could have built on it a lot more. It really got me thinking and as an idea it had so much potential. On the one hand, offspring of the rich and famous have it much easier because of their money and connections. What most people don’t seem to take into account is that if you’ve always been brought up with fame and the press, it must be much easier to handle a career where dealing with the press is part of the package. Most children of celebrities are inevitably good at courting the media, so really it’s no wonder most of them end up famous themselves. Westwood’s pictures weren’t really saying much, although I suppose you couldn’t accuse him of being inconsistent. Each one was much like the first, a bondage clad model with an oversized celeb-brat head in place of the face, usually wearing a totally incongruous expression to what was going on in the original photo. Entertaining I guess, but certainly nothing groundbreaking. Then in case you weren’t sure of who they were (as with Richard and Judy’s daughter, Carol Thatcher and Imogen Lloyd-Webber) the names of their famous parents were wrapped around them. Helpful.

By the end of the exhibition, I fully understood the delicious irony of the whole set up. Talentless celebrity offspring feature in art made by another celebrity offspring using their famous mother’s name to gain a bit of media attention. Celebrity spawn laugh smugly to themselves. Overenthusiastic art buyers pay good money for Photoshop’s finest. Ben Westwood gleefully checks his bank balance.

If you do want to buy one of his original images, expect to pay around £1,000. However if you’re a bit strapped for cash my mate Woolfie can knock up something similar for around a tenner, his dad doesn’t do anything that interesting but he’s pretty handy when it comes to the old cut and paste malarkey. So if you don’t mind losing the whole post-modernist vibe, form an orderly queue, art lovers!