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Marilyn Manson For Saint Laurent

Marilyn Manson Saint LaurentMeh, Westwood did it first AND she did it better…Marilyn Manson Vivienne Westwood 2005

Dita Von Teese Models First 3D Printed Dress

ImageThis elaborate, lattice design dress is a collaboration between stage costumier Michael Schmidt and the innovative Francis Bitonti Studio, based in Brooklyn, New York. Michael Schmidt has created stage outfits for some of the most outlandish and exciting performers – from Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, Courtney Love and Grace Jones to Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and – obviously – Dita Von Teese. Schmidt’s design for the gown is based on the Fibonacci sequence and was 3D modelled by Francis Bitonti, before finally being 3D printed in Nylon by Shapeways. Once the 17 separate pieces of the garment were completed, they were dyed black, lacquered and embellished with over 13,000 Swarovski crystals.3D Printed Gown DetailDita also wore the dress at the unveiling at New York’s Ace Hotel last night.Dita Von Teese Ace HotelAlthough the cartoon-like burlesque star said that the dress was quite comfortable and ‘super light’, I’m not entirely convinced. Undoubtedly, the dress looks pretty cool, but it seems like it didn’t take her long to change out of the gown into a more practical Roland Mouret shift dress.

Branded Venues

The Mojito Embassy, Milan
The aesthetic of Havana Rum’s Mojito Embassy is gorgeously Cuban – and just look at all those fresh limes ready to be made into delicious mojitos. I bet it must smell as good as it looks in there! Although this was only in Milan for two weeks, there are plans to take it on tour, with a scheduled stop in Britain – I’ll definitely be keeping a watchful eye out for it.

Cointreau Privé pop up bar, ParisI was really disappointed to have missed out on the Cointreau Privé pop up in London, which was created with the help of Dita Von Teese. The one above doesn’t have any Von Teese involvement, but what it lacks in celebrity, it certainly makes up for in beautiful decor and ambience. Unfortunately, this pop up venue was in Paris and finished on April 28th, so it doesn’t look like I’ll be enjoying a cocktail in these delectable surroundings either.

Johnnie Walker House, ShanghaiThe Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai was created to cater for China’s rapidly growing luxury market. The house is only open to selected guests (the rich and famous, basically!) and they are educated in the history of whiskey and the Johnnie Walker brand. Naturally, there is lots of sampling involved too…

Heineken Club, MilanThis innovative venue was created from scratch by Heineken for Milan Design Week 2012. Inside the club were interactive games and unusual immersive experiences – such as cutting-edge video mapping technology that created an interactive connection between the crowd and the DJ.

The Guinness Deep Sea Bar, somewhere in the Baltic SeaA space age bar in a submarine, deep under the Baltic Sea – pretty fucking amazing.

Anyway, I suppose that now Carlsberg don’t have an excuse not to open their own nightclub, they must be bricking it a bit. They made some pretty big claims back when they did their “Probably the best…” series of ads. Come on then, Carlsberg – show us what you’ve got!