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Drink It In

ImageReally nice prints from TR Art Studios – and very reasonably priced, too! Buy one for yourself, or for the recovering alcoholic whose downfall you’ve been plotting or something.

Sorry…think I’ve been watching too much Dallas lately.

The Black Angels – Indigo Meadow

ImageThe Black Angels have a new album out next week, and the artwork that goes with it is all so fitting and perfect. The psychedelic line drawings evoke Wes Wilson’s classic ’60s gig posters, and the brown parcel paper texture really emphasises that beautiful hand-drawn aesthetic.ImageImageI’ve tried to find out who the illustrator is, but I’ve not had any luck. If anyone knows who the work is by, please feel free to comment and let me know. Thanks!

Edit: The work is by the very talented Matt Cliff, who unfortunately doesn’t have a website. Thanks for getting in touch, Matt!

Creepy Panda Hotel Is Creepy.

Panda Hotel PianoPanda Hotel BedroomThere is something quite uncanny about these photos of a panda-themed hotel that opened in 2011 in Hong Kong. The way that these panda mascots are just casually inserted into the hotel’s plush interior gives a chilling, eerie feel to these otherwise dull press shots. These characters could be a sinister mix of the Scream killer, that rabbit from Donnie Darko and Pedobear! The idea of this hotel definitely doesn’t appeal to me, although it is probably more targeted towards families with children.
Also, my thoughts on these images might have been significantly influenced by this hilarious Egyptian campaign for Panda cheese…

Kim Kardashian Street Art in Los Angeles

ImageImageHilarious pastings of Kim Kardashian by the LA street artist BumBoy WC.

Format: A Brief History of Data Storage

A Brief History of Data Storage‘Format: A Brief History of Data Storage’ is a slickly animated infographic by Alan Warburton, which shows just how sophisticated our modern data storage options are. It’s bizarre to think that, when I was a kid, I used to put my school projects onto a floppy disk – something that you’d struggle to fit a high resolution image onto these days, let alone an MP3 or a AVI file. I like that Warburton has compared digital media with print media. It’s amazing to think that you could fit the contents of ‘a small library’ on one 16GB USB stick, although one has to assume that the library is a very traditional one, and doesn’t loan out books or DVDs.