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Louis Vuitton Spoof

Louis Vuitton JourneysBrilliantly simple spoof of the Louis Vuitton ‘Journeys’ campaign. The original features the likes of Angelina Jolie and Keith Richards, with straplines like, ‘A single journey can change the course of a life’ and ‘Some journeys cannot be put into words’.Angelina Jolie Louis VuittonKeith Richards Louis VuittonAnd here’s the spoof one by Daniel Pianetti, which uses a court photograph of the increasingly ridiculous Lindsay Lohan. The tag line reads: ‘Some journeys have no end.’ Oh, Lindsay…Lindsay Lohan Louis Vuitton

Kim Kardashian Street Art in Los Angeles

ImageImageHilarious pastings of Kim Kardashian by the LA street artist BumBoy WC.

The Eagleman Stag by Mikey Please

This breathtaking animated short by Mikey Please tells the story of a scientist who is obsessed with time. While the pared down minimalistic style might look as though it is made using CGI, the amazing truth is that the whole thing has been produced through foam models and stop motion, with shadows and highlights being employed to create the illusion of movement. At 8 minutes long, I can’t even fathom how much time and effort this film took to make, but it deservedly picked up awards from BAFTA, AFI, South by Southwest, the British Animation Awards, Chicago International Film Festival and LA Film Festival…and that’s not even the half of it!

The Canyons

The first trailer for The Canyons is incredibly disappointing. Written by Bret Easton Ellis, the film sees Lindsay Lohan return to the silver screen and, according to IMDb, it’s a Thriller.

Not that you’d know that from this underwhelming trailer though – the only thing you’d get from this is that it’s set in L.A. This glossy video montage reminds me of a mixture of Gossip Girl and Made In Chelsea, if either of those shows were set in Los Angeles. Considering the song that’s been used is a mellow, self-indulgent number by Dum Dum Girls, it feels as though you’re definitely anticipating for the film to cut to Serena Van Der Woodsen checking her phone, or Millie Mackintosh tearfully packing her bags…you know, it just looks like some scripted reality/aspirational TV drama “filler” shots. While the shots themselves are beautiful, there’s just no action in this trailer at all. The aim may have been to make it appear enigmatic and mysterious, but the final outcome is that it looks as though nothing really happens in The Canyons, or that the trailer has been badly made. I want to like this film, so I hope it’s the latter and this teaser is just a bad attempt at, well…teasing.

Do Not Disturb

As I’ve mentioned before, I bloody love Ellen Von Unwerth’s photography. Back in 2009, when she showcased her work for ‘Fräulein’ at the Michael Hoppen Gallery, I intended to go along and see it for myself. But as is the case for those of us who find ourselves pushed for time and money, and who are so often trying to align their schedules with friends who are similarly pushed for time and money, I ended up missing the show altogether. Much to my delight though, the legendary model-turned-photographer is now back at the Michael Hoppen Gallery. The new exhibition is called ‘Do Not Disturb’, and was shot at the curious Madonna Inn, Los Angeles. The rooms at The Madonna Inn are kind of hilarious, like a back catalogue of regrettable interior design trends over the years! Yet somehow, Von Unwerth has worked her magic, and through her lense the flamboyant themed rooms suddenly look boudoir-esque, retro and chic – beautifully complementing Von Unwerth’s distinctive style. Whether coquettish and gamine, or curvaceous and bold, Von Unwerth’s women always exude a blatant and irresistible sensuality. While her previous soft B&W shots evoked old Hollywood glamour, the saturated colours in Do Not Disturb look like what I’d imagine David LaChappelle might produce if he tried to create something subtle and tasteful…for a change.

‘Do Not Disturb’ runs until August 31st at The Michael Hoppen Gallery in Chelsea.

Ode to L.A

The new Best Coast video for ‘The Only Place’ is a whimsical love song about Los Angeles, featuring gratuitous shots of gorgeous beaches and blue skies, mixed in with a healthy dose of craaazy antics. Still not sure I’d really want to move to L.A, although I definitely wouldn’t turn down a holiday there.

Roll on June 20th! No, I’m not taking a Californian holiday, but at least I will finally be going to see Best Coast live.

Nestlé Experiential Fountain

Nestlé recently teamed up with McCann Erickson New York to unveil the world’s first experiential fountain in Los Angeles. No idea what I’m on about? Well just wait until you understand, because it’s really quite brilliant.

“The Fountain of Electrolytenment” for Nestlé Waters was the first interactive water installation that answers questions in real time. As part of the launch of resource 100% Natural Spring Water, the fountain was featured at The Grove, Los Angeles, from May 3 to 6, 2012. “The Fountain of Electrolytenment” uses custom engineering, water technology, scenic design and artificial intelligence to create the first experiential fountain of its kind.

Questions posed to the fountain were answered in real time as a scripted sheet of water. Users could queue up to ask multiple questions and discover “total Electrolytenment” through this playful interactive installation. Designed to delight, surprise and uniquely engage audiences, the fountain was a featured element in the Southern California launch campaign for resource 100% Natural Spring Water. I think it’s a really inventive idea. It’s a shame it was only in L.A. though – it would be really cool if they repeated the stunt with the option of asking questions using Twitter or a Facebook app.