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Eternal Summers – You Kill

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl make friends. Boy and girl go to a party. Girl makes some more friends. Boy misses his chance with girl. Boy takes his way-too-drunk best friend home. Girl wants to stay at party.

Oh, mayyyn!

Beautiful Rain

Even for London, the rain this summer has been pretty crazy. It’s pretty much beyond a joke now. It’s entirely possible that autumn could arrive and we won’t have even had any kind of two week heatwave that normally constitutes a summer in the UK. Rain can be beautiful though, especially when it’s not real rain, and it’s in a gorgeously hot and clean country like Singapore. Look at this video of the kinetic sculpture that’s just been installed in Changi Airport.

Singapore seems like an amazing destination – everything there looks incredibly efficient and clean. My mum was born in Singapore, and she’s always wanted to return one day. It’s definitely top of my holiday short list!

SPLASHH – All I Wanna Do

Hazy dreampop from Splashh, accompanied by appropriately lo-fi visuals. Expect big things from them, as they have already been snapped up by Luv Luv Luv Records.

Luv-ly stuff.

And Dior Created Woman


Gorgeous summery sixties ad for Dior Addict, starring the beautiful Daphné Groeneveld. Do you recognise the song? It’s “I Love You Ono” by Stereo Total and it was also used by Sony in one of their camcorder ads! That’s how I first heard it, anway.

Primary Coloured Selfridges

Summer 2012 is supposed to be Britain’s moment. We’ve got the Jubilee and the Olympics, and in true British fashion we’ve got a fuck load of rain to go with it. Everyone’s trying to get in on the act, but at least Selfridges have done a decent job of it, truly evoking the glory years of cool Britannia with their Big British Shop concept store.

But why stop at blue and red, and leave out the Selfridges signature sunny yellow hue? In tandem with the launch of their Big British Shop, Selfridges have also reprised 2009′s The Big Yellow Shop. Everything Pantone 109 can be found there, so for those with sallow complexions – perhaps you’d better steer clear of any clothes that are stocked? Pantone 109 is definitely not my colour.

Dolce & Gabbana SS12 Eyewear Film

Bianca Balti and Anna Orso star in Dolce & Gabbana’s latest film to launch the Spring/Summer ’12 ‘Matt Silk‘ eyewear collection.

Directed by Luca Finotti and styled by Yuri Ahn, ‘Italiana’ is inspired by the 1950′s and classic Italian comedies. The stylish promo shows the women driving a convertible around some twisty, mountainous roads. During the journey they swap sunglasses, chat, laugh, argue (over the sunglasses, obviously) and eventually make up.

Spring Has Sprung!

Actually, it hasn’t.

It’s forecast to snow over the bank holiday, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been looking forward to more frequent sunny spells, pastel dresses, open toed shoes, lazing in the park, huge jugs of Pimms and longer days. Here are the Spring/Summer campaigns that have made me yearn for, errm…Spring/Summer.

Louis Vuitton by Steven Meisel – what better setting for this season’s pastel shades than in an ice cream parlour?

Steven Meisel also shot Prada’s newest campaign. Prada have added a little bit of edge to their take on the new pastels, and the models kind of look like fifties housewives who’ve finally got bored of suburbia and run off with petrolheads for a crazy road trip.

However, Tim Walker’s efforts for Mulberry really trumps both of these campaigns. Oversized props and a seaside setting, through the lense of the undisputed master of fantastical, nostalgia-tinged editorial? Perfection!

A Healthy Glow

Britain has suffered from one of the most cloudy, wet and cold summers in a long time. If you are lucky enough to have been on holiday recently, then this might not bother you so much, but for those who have been in the UK over the summer, chances are you’ve been left feeling a little gloomy.

Despite being bombarded with warnings about skin cancer and sun damage, sunlight and the vitamin D that it provides is actually very good for us physically and mentally. Dangers of melanomas and skin cancer have made us overly paranoid about something that is not only enjoyable, but a natural and free way of revitalising both body and mind. More recently, it has even been suggested that sunbeds and tanning booths can be used healthily. Here are the reasons why having a light tan isn’t necessarily dangerous, but why you should still take care when exposing your skin to UV rays.

Sunbathing is the most natural way to absorb vitamin D. Tanning occurs when the skin is exposed gradually, but too much sudden exposure leads to burning which is painful and bad for the skin. Safe sunbathing has health benefits such as building a robust immune system, and strong bones. Exposure to the sun in moderation can be helpful for a number of complaints, from cancer to depression to acne. Spending time in the sun is also the best way to absorb vitamin D. The important thing to remember is not to spend too long in the sun and to wear some sun protection. Stay hydrated, but soak up the rays and by all means allow yourself to tan.

Sunscreen is great for hot days and preventing sunburn, but bad for vitamin D absorption if used unnecessarily. Using a face cream with SPF in it can help protect your face from daily rays, which can have an ageing effect, but it is only necessary if you are lucky enough to get a lot of daily sunshine. During peak times, for example the midday Mediterranean sun, it is better to cover up or stay in the shade rather than use unnecessary skin products to protect yourself against the sun.

Sunbeds mimic the spectrum of light from sun and are now better regulated. Moderate use of sunbeds can provide health benefits. A five to ten minute session every six weeks in winter can be good to top up your vitamin D, which isn’t well absorbed in food. For those living in wintry areas with limited natural sunlight, vitamin D deficiencies can lead to fatigue, weakened immune systems, and depression. In addition to helping the body generate vitamin D, sunbeds are also known to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (or seasonal depression), psoriasis, and eczema. If using a sunbed for the first time, don’t go on for more than six minutes in your first session, even if you naturally have quite dark skin. We would stress that using sunbeds for vanity purposes is a bad idea. If you want to achieve a deep tan, then the safest way to achieve it is to fake it on top of a natural base tan.

Fake tans and spray tans are purely cosmetic and provide no health benefits. The good news is that the only risk they carry is that you can end up with a streaky or unnatural looking tan. However, many upmarket salons offer excellent spray tanning services, such as “3-D” tans, which use different shades to create an illusion – you can have your stomach made to appear flatter, while your cleavage looks enhanced.

Melonatan injections – STEER CLEAR! This synthetic hormone is unlicensed and illegal. As if that’s not bad enough, you have to mix up the powder at home and inject it yourself! Nasty.

Remember, while tanning can be very good for you, it is essential to be safe in the sun. Never let yourself burn, stay hydrated, protect your eyes from bright sunlight, and always moisturise before and after periods in the hot sun – coconut oil is great for keeping skin supple and soft. If you are feeling a bit gloomy after a lack of summer sun, perhaps think about trying out a sunbed session as a pick-me-up? For those lucky enough to be anticipating a late season holiday – go ahead and lap up the rays, but don’t burn or spend prolonged periods in the midday sun.