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Style Over Substance

Falling womanImageStyle or substance? Audi and BBH believe you can have both in their new TV ad…

Unless you’re a woman! Hahaha, let’s all sneer at the silly vain tart who’s fallen down in the rain! She can’t have style and substance – she chose style, the moron.

“Touch Both Sides For Added Enjoyment”

ImageUrgh. Horrible advert for the PS Vita by TBWA France.

I’m not normally that fazed by the petty sexism that permeates the media and advertising. ‘Sex sells’, I get it…whatever. And while obviously women’s rights are still a more contentious issue today than men’s rights, I do appreciate that in the Western world men come under a fair amount of sneering, scrutiny and gawking from women, too.

Still, this advert by TBWA France really got under my skin. It’s not just the sentiment, it’s that it’s a pretty shitty piece of creative work anyway. “Touch both sides for added enjoyment”, it enthuses, underneath a picture of a woman with four huge tits, a tiny waist and no face. NICE! Great way of saying that women and their breasts are just there just to be touched for the enjoyment of others. Maybe Sony’s console is, but was there really any need to draw a parallel between a mutant woman’s body and an inanimate, electronic play thing?
“Ahh,” you might say, “but the thing is, they are trying to appeal to a core demographic here!” And what demographic is that, then? Predominantly teenage boys and young men – exactly the kind of ‘demographic’ who might benefit from being taught that women aren’t just there to be leered at and groped.
More astonishing still, is that the art director on this ad was actually a woman. This feels like a really cynical and patronising attempt to appeal to men. If women are going to perpetuate these types of images in the media and pander to what they – perhaps misguidedly – believe that men want, then how will these sinister messages come to an end? For men to treat women with respect, then surely we need to give them credit for being intelligent as well.

Shame on you, TBWA France. I thought that French men were progressive types who loved romance, and French women were feisty and cool? You Frenchies should know better! You’ve totally ruined Amélie for me, and Simone de Beauvoir must be turning in her grave…

Avoid A Same Dress Disaster

Harvey Nichols Same DressThis time last year, Harvey Nichols helpfully showed us poor, clueless girlies how to avoid looking like a slaggy trainwreck – basically if you do the ‘walk of shame’ in a designer outfit, then somehow it’s not shameful at all, and you won’t look like the fat slutbag pictured below. Look, see how that passing woman in the sensible black coat gives her a look of pure scorn – and so she should!Harvey Nichols Walk of ShameNow, Harvey Nichols have returned for the party season with some pointers on how to avoid the awkward ‘same dress scenario’ – simply buy a dress that no one else at the party can afford, duh!

“More Than Just A Centrefold”

I love these new Playboy print ads.  To me, they embody the perfect advert – the image content sums up the product, and uses a fine combination of beauty and wit. Bravo, Y&R Johannesburg and Jesse-Leigh Elford!

Seriously Procter & Gamble, Seriously?!

Procter & Gamble are a huge company, and they own some of Britain’s best-loved and most successful brands. Alongside Unilever, Mars and Nestlé, they are one of those companies that have a lion’s share in FMCGs. So why on earth have they decided to settle for this piss-poor advert?

Did someone just knock it up on Windows Movie Maker or something? Couldn’t they even ensure that all the photographs at least filled the frame correctly?

This advert is also vaguely insulting – not only to all of the stay-at-home dads and house husbands out there – but also to all of the mums who P&G are supposedly celebrating. P&G do not ‘sponsor’ mums – these women pay good money for Procter & Gamble’s products!

Homemaking For The Busy Woman

Even Elizabeth Hurley recently admitted that she needed to have a clearout. Get rid of all those things you don’t need or never use, and free up some storage space so that you can streamline your life. When everything has it’s own place it makes tidying up easier, and obviously that means that you are also able to find things easier too!


Storage boxes are your friend. Avoid indiscriminately stuffing clothes into drawers and use boxes in closets and under beds to help make use of ‘invisible’ space which can sometimes end up being a void filled with miscellaneous junk. Buying sets of neat storage boxes means you can make more of a feature of having storage. I utilised the space under my bed effectively by choosing leather effect boxes in the same shade of cream as my bed frame and making custom labels using a stylish font.

Invest in time saving appliances. A blender makes meal times quicker and chopping vegetables becomes a thing of the past. A Fridja garment steamer allows you to quickly press clothes without burning them. It’s also a great way to freshen up an outfit you’ve only worn once.

Fill up your freezer. It’s not just for unhealthy convenience foods like fish fingers and chips. If you make bigger portions of your favourite meals, you can freeze them, meaning that you have a well-stocked freezer full of microwaveable, healthy meals. Just remember to label them with the date on though – that delicious chicken risotto you made might not look so appealing 2 weeks later when it’s an unidentifiable frozen block of anonymous food.

Make housework part of your routine. When you come home from work, the last thing you feel like doing it housework. But even if it’s just loading up the washing machine, it’s little things like this that will help you run your life effectively and love your home.

Use scented candles in your house for a constantly clean and fresh smell. Smell makes an important first impression, so if you have someone round and your place is a mess, they are less likely to notice if they are greeted by a comforting fragrance.

Organise your paperwork and shred anything that you don’t need to keep. It’s handy to make digital copies of really important things, but put them in a password-protected file.